As you hover over this link location you’ll notice some of the more popular genres in horology (watch Design). We will also get a better understanding of these genres and how we wear them with the personalities we have. And it’s not uncommon for many of us to be attracted to many genres because of our eclectic personalities.

Haute Horology: Also known as Fine Watchmaking belongs to the world of luxury, where culture, tradition, creation and innovation are the cornerstones of expertise that nurtures the present and is also the very definition of excellence. The “Fine Watchmaking“ denomination embraces a centuries-old, living history, a rich and specific culture, a professional ethic, the enduring expertise of the artisan, and a burning passion.

In a word, Fine Watchmaking is a culture of knowledge and know-how. While Fine Watchmaking is heir to a long tradition, it nonetheless looks firmly to the future. Its values are research, innovation, development and training new generations.

Bovet Amadeo 46

Jeweled Watch: Today we use the slang term bling-bling or simply bling to describe the look and feel of wearing diamonds and other precious or semi precious stones on our timepieces. Before the slang was introduced high quality jewelry boutiques have always used jeweled timepieces to satisfy the appetite of the wealthy’s craving for diamonds and other precious and semi precious stones.

Tiffany& Co., Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston to name a few have epitomized the luxury market for years in the early 20th century. Today the king of bling was started by Jacob the Jeweler aka Jacob&Co who’s incredible designed timepieces where sold to the New York hip/hop moguls and fashion society individuals. It is here to stay in all types of pricing and styles.

Jacob & Co Rainbow Tourbillon BR1

Classic Dress Watch: I like to think of these genres as America’s watches considering their design style. Thin in design and face size and generally not needing more than an hour, minute, and sometimes second hand. These watches are the basis for telling time without complications and ease of fitting tailored dress shirts worn with suits for boardroom or tuxedo’s for weddings and theater. Although somewhat dated and conservative it is still a very good selling genre. The greatest watch company on this planet “Patek Philippe” is still dominating this genre from bankers to corporate executives on a global basis. As their ad says, you never really own a Patek Philippe, you’re simply caring for it for the next generation. There are many other brands for dress watches other than Patek Philippe of course in all fantastic price ranges.

Patek Philippe Calatrava

Sport Watch: The sport watch is the fastest growing genre of watches right now. With almost every branded company having at least a few creative designs for you to select. Rolex will always be at the top of the sport watch category with it’s diver’s watch “Submariner”  and Omega will always have a great following with it’s “Speedmaster Schumacher” and Breitling come’s along with it’s flight watches and successful rich heritage of designs. Many of these models have features used by fighter pilots worldwide.

Like all finer quality watches, they will add some pep to your step and give a sense of achieving success, its inherent to all things finely created. Remember there are prices that fit all disposable income levels, so if you want that great brand but don’t have more than $10,000 to spend, find a replacement between $350 and $700 you’ll have a quality watch as you save for that much more expensive luxury name brand.

Rolex Submariner