One of the most interesting sectors of the watch industry is vintage. Some of the most respected brands in the industry have an outlet boutique or use various auction sites to sell their pieces through respected partners. I personally was involved in the buying and re-selling of vintage timepieces which ironically is how I came about starting my own watch brand. Like homes or cars, people grow out of what they once loved to began a new cycle of freshness. And there’s always someone wanting what is no longer needed from these sellers. I have a vintage piece that took me over four years to get, my patience was thin, but I stuck to my plan and sure enough, I found someone willing to let go exactly what I wanted.

This page is open for all vintage lover’s, sellers, buyers, or those that just want to see what a 50’s Rolex looks like. Believe me, I could look at vintage watches for just as long as I can look at current models. One of the best things about vintage is some company’s no longer exist, and you may be fortunate enough to have a model of theirs which makes ownership all the more sweeter. Come once or come often, I’ll try and get as many photos of older watches as I can.

Proud Owner – Douglas Gravina

SEIKO GS “Grand Seiko”

Cal – 6146-8000

Beating at 36,000 bph

Circa – 1969

Proud Owner – Gianvittorio Molteni

The two great pieces featured in this photo are classic examples of vintage collecting, the Omega Speedmaster and Heuer of Tag Heuer fame. Both models feature tachymeters and very reliable mechanical movements which is why both models are highly sought after in great condition as these two are.