There’s tons of resources in hard copy and online to stay abreast of watch company information. I read it all and my favorites are still hard copy magazines. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally hip to all things tech, so I do have certain companies app’s for my iPad and iPhone for when I don’t have home access. But when I’m home, there’s nothing more enjoyable than flipping pages of my favorite monthly issues. Here’s a list of┬ásome of my favorite hard copy resources.

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  1. Nice. I too love to hold a fine watch monthly or quarterly in my hands. Feeling the thick pages and flipping through the gallery of advertisements, photographs and articles is a great way to pass the time.

  2. Hello Urban, Which is the best magazine for me to buy for my boyfriend who loves watches. He text-ed me your site because he likes it. You know, he’s right, its very nice!

  3. Ahhh… so this is where it all begins I see

  4. Thanks for these resources, I’m new to watch collecting

  5. I read several of these mags, Watchtime and International Watch nice space here, i like it

  6. So these are your sources for inspiration? Nice blog dude

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