Harry Winston

Harry Winston once said “If I could, I would attach the diamonds directly onto a woman’s skin” yea, that makes sense coming from one of the world’s most iconic jewelry designers. But this page isn’t dedicated to the fine jewelry designs of Harry Winston, but to his high horology creations without diamonds or other precious stones. This 18kt white gold rectangular shaped case houses watch titled Histoire de Tourbillon 3

The third series in Harry Winston’s exploration of the tourbillon choreographs two rotating escapements that guide the time unscathed through the pitfalls of gravity. Three tourbillons are in action, each rotating at different speeds to perform distinct gravity defying functions.

Movement: mechanical hand-wound movement, 479 components

Double tourbillon (bi-axial): One carriage rotating every 40 seconds within a second carriage spinning in 120 seconds on a perpendicular axis. Tourbillon (mono-axial): Rotating on a single axis every 36 seconds.

Reference: 500/MMTWZL.K

Histoire de Tourbillon 2

Powered by a mechanical hand-wound movement exclusively developed for Harry Winston, Histoire de Tourbillon 2 showcases the supreme complication in a setting worthy of its stature. The intricate structure of the amazing bi-axial flying tourbillon immediately catches the eye.


2001 marked the beginning of the Opus series at Harry Winston. A human story, unique creative adventure in the field of fine watchmaking, a technical exploration… Opus is all of these things at once, and more. It is a combination of creativity, genius, and expertise. It is an incredible platform on which the most unbelievable ideas take shape, and the rare talents that usually remain in the dark are bought out into the light of day. The Opus concept is one of sharing.

Harry Winston partnered with brilliant independent watchmakers to turn their wildest horological dreams into reality. These creations speak to a level of fine watchmaking fueled by creative passion and audacious innovation, two values that set Harry Winston designs apart.

Opus 3

Opus 7

Opus 9

Opus Eleven

Opus 12