GGI – Ladies After 8 Collection

Ok, yes I may be biased for using so many photos here, but its MY brand, what would you do? Besides, look at all this work I’ve done building this wonderful site for you, doesn’t that alone at least allow me more ad time? Yes I thought you would agree :-)

My love for watches and the field of horology has given me belief that one can pursue a vocation from dreams and passions. There were many company’s for me to aspire to and traveling to distant places from Germany to Switzerland and Belgium to France I’ve met some pretty remarkable people in this business.

I’m extremely pleased to add my collection here among so many others that have inspired this inner city American to reach for heights that otherwise may not have been achievable.

After 8 Collection

Swiss Made VS1 white diamonds black Stingray bracelet

After 8 Collection

Swiss Made VS1 white diamonds Snake skin bracelet

GGI – Ladies Passport Collection