Citizen is one of my all time favorite company’s based on ownership. Actually I can say I’ve never had an issue that support didn’t handle without a problem and that was from battery leakage. I left a battery in a watch for 7 years and the battery leaked. They told me how to clean the inside from the leakage and replace the battery. I’m wearing that watch as I write this information. The watch I’m referring to is the first generation of the Skyhawk Blue Angels A-T which is an Atomic Timekeeping with Radio-Controlled Accuracy. The latest version of this piece doesn’t require a battery nor do any of the Citizen Eco-Drive Watches.

With price points that can fit most budgets and dealers on almost any watch site cutting prices even more, you can pick up a Citizen Eco-Drive for under $300 in most cases from retails as much as $895 this makes Citizen one of my top affordable quality brands on the market.

Skyhawk Blue Angel A-T

Skyhawk A-T

Promaster Diver