Brands of Commonality

Prices On Average Under $1000 USD

Brands of Commonality is created because sometimes we just overlook real quality for a great price. It’s very easy to notice big brand company’s because they not only advertise more, but their mainly seen in most upscale purchase points of sale. Major brands are willing to spend millions on advertising, yea, how long ago was that? Today they spend billions just to stay in front of you. And because they don’t really target you or me, we’re simply not on their radar. However, you and I know who they are, and we want those brands except for a minor handicap, we can’t afford them.

Boutique shelf space is extremely valuable in upscale arenas so where are the high quality lower tier brands? They are out there believe it or not, its just that we have to look harder to find them. Let’s say you do come across a retail outlet selling brands you can afford. Do you know what to look for at the given price? Whether the timepiece has a quartz or mechanical movement we know design beauty will play a great roll to you. But for sake of this article lets just say mechanical is the movement . The very large and legendary Swiss Movement maker is ETA who for the most part controls the production of  just about all movements bought world wide. So if you have and ETA movement on the brand you find affordable as in less than $1000 or even better at less than $500 you will have a winner.

Here’s the reasoning , today these movements are around $125 usd assuming you could get your hands on enough to do something with, but several years ago they were around $25 to $40 dollars. Companies where designing beautiful timepieces around these movements and having them assembled in Switzerland creating Swiss Made brands. By creating great marketing campaigns consumers bought into the higher priced branding units. So it wasn’t uncommon to find watches selling for over $5000 with $25 engines in them, believe me there are company’s with ETA movements selling upwards of $15,000 and more.  Keep in mind the that these $25 engines can out live a human life span! So marketing is the key, not material and design cost.

With a call for organization in the ETA group they simply decided to stop selling to many branded companies their movement engines because from their frustration these companies weren’t giving back to technology and research. The statement from ETA, build your own engines and with that being said , so came the changes in the watch industry as we once knew it. I could elaborate ten pages more, but let’s move on to how the void will be filled.

Some company’s have the ability, but do they have the capacity? One Swiss company Sellita stepped up, Japans Seiko Spring Drive and Citizen’s Miyoto movements have longevity proof. China’s Seagull is a very sought after company for movements today. If you have a Swiss Made ETA 2824-2 a true workhorse and another high end brand has that same movement in their brand at 20 times more the cost, its safe to say you are paying for brand name and cosmetics of design only. In other words, we both have Porsche’s but my Porsche has a square box for the body, which will you choose. Now look at this example, I have the Porsche body with a Volkswagen engine, I still have beauty and a reliable engine at a fraction of the cost. Design beauty is paramount, but then again, so is reliability! Hover over this link to see what brands are in Brands of Commonality

Swiss Made Watch Engine –  ETA 2824-2

Swiss Made Watch Engine – Sellita SW200

Japanese Made Seiko Spring Drive Engine Movement

Chinese Engine Movement By Seagull