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I’ve heard before that some people fell in love with watches from an early age. My first watch had Mickey Mouse on the dial face, and I still have that watch. But really it was my second or third watch that made me really start to appreciate what I had. I enjoyed hearing the ticking sound and used to keep my watch up to my ear while I was in bed. I loved the responsibility of winding it to keep the time accurate which gave me my first sense of responsibility to not be late when I was told to be home at a certain time.

Fast forward fifty years and I still have an affinitive love for watches. I started seriously collecting them around 1996. My first piece was a vintage Omega Constellation 14kt yellow gold from the 50’s era. I researched and looked backward into the designs of the 40’s, 30’s 20’s and I enjoyed the looks. But for me the 50’s gave me the best of what I liked in design.

I started buying and re-selling vintage timepieces on eBay and the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) trade shows throughout California and amassed a following of buyers globally. For over ten years I sold vintage watches until I went abroad to learn how to manufacture my own designed collection. I created Garlason Group International (GGI) where Garlason is the initials of my three names combined. While at BASELWORLD in 2008 I met with several major branded companies about what I was trying to do with my watch drawings. They seemed impressed with my original works and one great company said I was an inner city person with the mind’s eye of Pablo Picasso who gave me the moniker Urban Picasso, which I created a line of watches under that name.

After 8 Collection was my first fully Swiss Made timepiece created and I designed them for ladies. I made two versions in dial designs with and without VS1 quality white diamonds on the bezel. As I try to continue to build my brand, I will enjoy bringing my style and genre’s of watches I like to a fan base of watch lover’s and hopefully be able to pass some knowledge of this passion to many more.


Gary L Jamerson – GGI – After 8 Media

Overview: A place to view current information on affordable and luxury timepieces from various genres of design. Keeping our viewers abreast on the latest news and events in the world of watches.

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