Cvstos – Iconic Case Design

Cvstos – Iconic Case Design

I remember more than ten years ago a friend asking me what was the best case design for a hip style besides traditional round cases. I laughed as I told him, there aren’t many choices you know. 99% are either Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle, and of course my favorite Tonneau. I don’t really know what it is that attracts us to the things we like, but I’m a Hugh fan of this shape and tend to look closely at designs using this styling. This is how I first noticed Cvstos watches, and from this shape, and after close inspection I realized there was a mystic being born.

This styling shape is their most prevalent case design. For me it’s more about three shapes in one. You have rectangular combined with a circle and a square so it’s almost like you’re wearing several styles at once. This is what I told my friend. So it appears this young company may see the same in the tonneau style as I did. The most famous user of this case style keeping in context that my friend wanted something hip in case styling is Frank Muller “Master if Complications” watch brand.  Because they use this style in a very large design that is masculine and certainly in vogue with today’s watch trend.

Did I fail to mention that this young dynamic company’s co-founder and CEO is 23 year old Sassoun Sirmakes who just happens to be the son of co-founder Vartan Sirmakes of the Franck Muller Watchland Group? One of the most prolific watch brand company’s in the world. The apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree. The second half of this dynamic duo is watchmaker Antonio Terranova, what a great name! Antonio brings to the Cvstos company it’s mechanical engine designs and breathes the  heartbeat of life into them. And believe me, Antonio has been around as technical designer and creator for some very respected  watch brands as Cartier, Piaget, Breitling, Ebel, Zenith and Tag Heuer to name some prominent company’s.

Although there are round and square case designs from the Cvstos brand, this article is about their tonneau case styling on the new Re-Belle jewelry dial and case designs


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