Roger Dubuis – Easy Diver

Roger Dubuis – Easy Diver

Audacity, excellence, technical sophistication

I’m a fan of diver watches perhaps because they are in the sport watch genre. In my collection I have some nice choices of models to choose from as well as the different bracelets on those watches from rubber to stainless steel. And with summer approaching fast, casual shorts on the beach or jeans and a sport jacket, divers always look good on you.

Roger Dubuis’ new Historical Collection has the Easy Diver watch in it. It has to be the most creatively built watch in this space, and this space is Hugh. Albeit technically designed to be submerged to 300 meters, I can’t imagine going under with this time machine. And its not because I have concerns with the ability of the watch to perform, but they simply don’t have diving gear classy enough to warrant the beauty of the Easy Diver flying tourbillon. Now, if you were wearing this piece at the helm of a handsomely built sea dweller vessel, or a fine motor sport car, I’m allin. Another issue you will have with this watch is all the attention you’ll receive, wanted or unwanted, you’re going to get plenty of it.

In my humble opinion, this winner  is by far the greatest diver designed to date, Bar None!

In the Easy Diver Collection there are some very impressive pieces to say the least, and more traditional looking while the jeweled ladies model is purely elegant.

The EasyDiver collection is defined by its potent, athletic looks and its technical acumen.
An extraordinary haute timepiece built to withstand demanding outdoor conditions, Easy Diver is one of the first in horological history to incorporate a flying tourbillon into a sports watch.

Each casing can resist pressure of up to 30 bars (around 300 metres), and within each lies a specially-designed movement, a miniature engine tuned to the most precise engineering standards and mechanical tests. Distinguished by its wide fluted bezel and iconic triple lugs, this collection defines itself even further with avant-garde touches of molded rubber on select models. Venture into challenging new realms with a daring and unapologetically spectacular timepiece.

Roger Dubuis

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  1. You are correct! I love quality and especially something this beautiful in a dive watch. Chaz

    • Hey Frank, I have business in Glashutte Germany too. I truly enjoy visiting there and I did purchase some timepieces for myself and wife. I personally really like the brand.

  2. It’s really a cool and useful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Urban, Thanx for the nice article I’m a big fan of Roger Dubuis as well. I’m on my way to Glashutte on business, do you like that brand of watch? Cheers, Frank