Wind Me Up, Literally… Wind Me Up!

Wind Me Up, Literally… Wind Me Up!

I’ve seen luxury items in photos, magazines, websites, and of course in the real. When we think of luxury, we think of those that can wrap themselves with gold, diamonds, furs, jewelry, cars, homes, and yachts etc. drinking fine wines and champagnes while blowing smoke rings from $50 cigars. A fine watch can be a simple luxury as most men will attest to, and can be the single most precious wearable luxury item they own.

How does one define luxury when it doesn’t fall into the previous mentioned genres, well think watch winders, yes, watch winders. I say that because it is today one of the new sought after luxuries bypassing in creativity cigar humidors’ and doing so in stellar fashion.

So, who really needs a watch winder? I know to the average person this seems ludicrous of course. But for aficionados they know the value of a good Jeeves. The most expensive winder I’ve seen winds a hundred watches and cost over a half million US dollars. I know, what you’re thinking, for a tenth of that or less, you’ll come by once a month and wind their watches by hand for those fortunate ones. I wholeheartedly agree with you. But remember that all things are relative. We may rave about our 40 foot $70,000 master-craft ski boat, but the fortunate ones rave about their 130 foot $90million dollar yachts.

Do you really think with over a million dollars in fine watch collections their going to sit and wind those manual or automatic timepieces? With so many watches in a collection some will not be worn in years so consistent winding is critical to keep the watches internal engine oils from coagulation thus rendering the watch useful when needed and saving an expensive repair job.

You can Google watch winders and find many companies at many different price points. But I won’t be talking about those companies today, only one company, Dottling.


Ernest Dottling, Markus Dottling’s great grandfather  creates the Dottling locksmith shop in 1919

Willy Dottling, Markus Dottling’s grandfather carries on the brand from 1945 thru 1977

Wolfgang Dottling, Markus Dottling’s father personifies the company’s third generation 1965

Markus Dottling begins working with his father Wolfgang 1997

Markus Dottling takes control over the company with new business partner 2007

Today the Dottling safe company is the epitome of family tradition in finely crafted products.


“Big Jim” Colosimo (1878–1920) was already a gangster legend during his lifetime in Chicago’s underworld. At the turn of the twentieth century, the mobster boss paved the way for other underground notables such as Al Capone. To protect their customers’ assets from criminals such as him, US banks of the time installed massive vaults with huge round doors and highly complex lock mechanisms. The steel doors with radial bolts made unauthorized access to these high-security vaults practically impossible. Inspired by these unique examples of American locksmith artisanship from the days of the Prohibition, Döttling has constructed – on a scale of 1:13 – the world’s smallest safe: Colosimo.

Markus Dottling

Colosimo Limited Edition

Colosimo Limited Edition Gullwing Inspiration




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