de Grisogono Watch Joalliere

de Grisogono Watch Joalliere

de Grisogono – Master Joailliere

America’s most renowned jeweler was Harry Winston (March 1, 1896 – December 28, 1978) who’s boutiques span globally. Although many fine jewelry establishments sell mainly recognized branded watches, a few have created their own brand successfully. Fawaz Gruosi the creating founder of the de Grisogono high jewelry brand has been meeting the demand for his jewelry work in volumes. When he decided to take on the roll as designer for a new watch line and collection, he knew exactly what his plan was. A high quality jewelry watch with avant-garde creativeness.

The names he gave his watches only added to the mystique of his creations, while aficionado’s flocked to his boutiques to see his latest collections and Fawaz Gruosi never failed to deliver. And he always delivered in greater than expectations!

This watch collection is entitled Piccolina.

Precious metals, diamonds, and sapphires unite to bring elegance and style to this ladies collection. Note the Stingray (devilfish) white leather skin and it’s natural beauty.

de Grisogono

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  1. Yes, I love his creativity and you should write about his jewelry designs too, women love his designs

  2. He’s out of my price range but my wife loves this jeweler. I guess artistry and marketing can make prices soar you think?

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