Richard Mille RM 039 AVIATION E6-B

Richard Mille RM 039 AVIATION E6-B

Richard Mille – RM 039 AVIATION E6-B

Exceptionally beautiful in all its see through dial splendor, this new Richard Mille Aviator flight watch is incredibly and ingeniously created. I’ll never get tired of seeing where tech and imagination will travel together next while I continue live vicariously through those I admire in this field of horology.

I don’t think we can truly grasp what it takes to create Haute or High Horology today compared to the same just twenty years ago. These type of watches aren’t for everyone of course, they’re for collectors and those with tremendous amounts of economic wealth. When you create from this magnitude in limited additions it’s no wonder collectors will drive the price to unbearable heights for the average enthusiasts.

I’m a fan and not just a fan of Richard Mille time machines, I’ve read about his work and followed his collections since early 2000’s. His work is brilliant and he is one of the few designers that I could wear just about anything he produces!

Chronograph RM 039 Aviation E6-B is limited to 30 pieces

Caliber: RM 039 manual wind

Diameter: 50mm x 19.40mm

Power Reserve: Circa 70 hours

I won’t list all the attributes of this magnificent aviator timepiece simply because I promised I would keep this information to simple layman terms for our readers. More advanced enthusiasts will contact me for in-depth information. The new Richard Mille Aviator will be in the hands of some very high end watch collectors and who knows, perhaps these mega brand designs will be in our hands one day.

Richard Mille

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  1. Stunning! RM Watches are simply works of art.

    • This a nice great looking piece, any idea on the price?

  2. Thank you for sharing Richard Mille, one of my favorite designers.

  3. My partner and I really enjoyed reading this blog post, I was just itching to know do you trade featured posts? I am always trying to find someone to make trades with and merely thought I would ask.

    • Hey Bjorn… No big deal, show me what you have and if I like it, I’ll feature it, how’s that? Thanks for reading my blog