Ulysse Nardin Past to Freak

Ulysse Nardin Past to Freak

My first encounter with this incredible watchmaker was when they created the iconic watch known as the Freak. I was still mainly interested in vintage timepieces and was buying and selling with a decent clientele. I remember a friend sending me a link to Ulysse Nardin’s website to see this very unusual timepiece. I have to admit, it was a little too bizarre for me at the time, but I was very impressed with many of their other masterpieces.

Its really not unusual to not be attracted to many new styles or designs the first time you see them. I never liked Mercedes Benz’s new looks either, but after a while they grow on you, and then its yes, I want one. That’s exactly how I feel about the freak, It’s clearly one of the most creatively designs I have seen and yes, it was clearly way ahead of its time. I like to think it’s the forefront thinking of the team at Ulysse Nardin that paved this avant-garde creativity that we see today from many of the time makers in the world of horology.

At the beginning of all action is a belief

“When it comes to mechanical watches, today’s vocabulary flourishes with superlatives and ready-made statements.

Words like “creativity, manufacture, exclusivity, innovation, limited edition, trend, ultimate, etc.” keep flooding the professional literature and the advertising in general. This somewhat legitimate turmoil conceals the very nature of a mechanical timepiece. Because of the hundreds of tiny pieces combined in an intricate web of gears and wheels, the precision of a mechanical instrument will never match that of a quartz instrument. Interestingly enough this has never been an issue.

Why?  Simply because a mechanical timepiece is and will always remain the quintessence of traditional craftsmanship with a long lasting value. Some of our museum pieces have been passed on from one generation to the next six times already.To many of us, acquiring or inheriting an ever ticking instrument with a noble history behind it is like making a dream come true”… Ulysse Nardin Philosophy

Some of my favorite designs from Ulysse Nardin

Royal Blue Tourbillon

Forgerons Minute Repeater

Black Surf

Dual Time Ladies

Lady Diver Starry Night

Ulysse Nardin’s past is most impressive with their highly achieved skills in nautical chronometer instruments to help sailors navigate the open seas.

Portrait of the Company

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  1. What a watch!!!

    • Great topic about the Freak!

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  3. WOW… It is unusual of course, but you can see it’s well made and it would grow on you. I like it, probably can’t afford it like all the others here, but it’s nice to see and read out good quality brands.

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