MB&F Horological Machine No.4 “Thunderbolt”

MB&F Horological Machine No.4 “Thunderbolt”

Maximilian Busser is one of the most dynamically talented individual I’ve ever read about. I’m thinking you would say Abraham Louis Brequet is by far the most talented I bet, OK, your statement wouldn’t be debatable. As great as A.L. Breguet was, he didn’t build the Enterprise and take you to worlds where no man has ever gone before. But then you’ll say he did build the most complex watch ever assembled, and I would have to agree, “Marie – Antoinette” what an incredible timepiece. But hey, that was over two hundred years ago, and this is now! I could go on and on about the greatest watch designer that ever lived but I’ll say more about him in his own write-up.

Right now we’re talking about the founder of MB&F,  high horology time maker and creative force Maximilian. If Maximilian didn’t have such great looks, you’d probably  mistake him for an arch villain with a clear and present sinister danger surrounding him. It’s probably best that he chose to not be sinister and therefore give us a look into his mind from the light side so we can observe minds of  the dark side from villains in movies.

I love the radical HM series of timepieces with this model being HM4, so get ready for liftoff. Now you must see the previous versions as well as the Performance Art pieces and Legacy pieces.

Maximilian Busser is surrounded by a cast of incredible talent that is unlike any other in all of high horology watch making today. Their goal is to design and craft a radical and original horological masterpiece each year.

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  1. What a great place to work!!!
    That watch is something from a comic come to life.

  2. This is crazy! What the hell does something like this cost? I went to the site and they con’t have prices.

    • Hello Sir, I’M currently working as a watch repair technician. I have 17 years of experience in the industry. However I have no certification in paper. I would like to study and obtain a cetificate in watch repairs. I live in South Africa. How do I go about this. Thank You

    • I would someday like to have enough knowledge to understand this industry. In the meantime thanks for keeping me abreast of great watch makers. This company MB&F is incredible. Thanks for posting and I like your brand too!

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    • I told my mother how you helped me with a watch question. She said, bake you a cake! But seriously, thank you for this easy to read watch blog.