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I used to daydream as a youngster and wished I could fly through space free as the Silver Surfer. I sometimes daydreamed I could live under the sea and ride on the backs of whales and other large creatures. That’s the beauty of dreams; you can do anything and be anyone. I never paid any attention to the teachers that told me to stop daydreaming in class because it wasn’t healthy for my mind. How could something so cool and exciting be unhealthy for my brain? I still daydream!

I love art! I love people that love art! I love watches! I love people that love watches! I spend so much time in art galleries that I feel at home and I always wanted to own an art gallery. I spend so much time enjoying the beauty of watches that I created my own line of them. But this isn’t about me, it’s about and artist that somehow combined two things that mean so much to me into one thing.

Dale Mathis lives in a world that most of us will only admire and never truly understand the inner sanctum of one’s thoughts and intelligence. Genius, yes! The process of imagination has given us much of what we take for granted from telephones to running bath water. But art somehow tends to grasp a hold of us and capture our minds to make us think about creativity from another place in our soul and mind.

When I look at the work of this artist, I’m perplexed at the vision he had to fabricate his creations. I can travel back centuries and compare him to some of the greatest sculptures in of our time. I can also compare him to some of our twentieth century genius’ as well. From an observation of first glance at his work you will be a gasp and quickly ask yourself, is this really what I see?

Dale is a self taught artist with the precision of a master storyteller through his work. Usually an artist must tell a story to most of us as to what the inspiration was and we understand and take joy in the process.  But his creativity needs no explanation! Your first thought upon gazing his art is how I can get my hands on it. Or perhaps you’re thinking where I would place this art in my home and what joy the conversations will be after I show it to my guest.

Born in 1972 and raised in the Inglewood area of Los Angeles CA, which alone would be a challenge for most. He managed to make it through the gang invested areas and believe enough in himself with determination that matches his skill as an artist to leave his mark in society and history. At 36 years old his legacy has a fantastic start. I hope you enjoy this testimonial to an artist that I think as well as many other’s is well on his way to fulfilling his destiny!

Accolades: Bold, compelling themes and sophisticated aesthetics landed Mathis’ sculpture “Crucifixion of a Legacy” on MTV’s The Real World, Las Vegas XII, which then brought him a segment on HGTV’s, Crafters Coast to Coast. The Executive Desk will be featured in Playboy Magazine – October 2008. The Las Vegas Review Journal and international watch magazines in Europe and Latin America.

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